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SU+RE House Wins 2015 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon!

By Maraliese Beveridge

team jump2

Well, they did it! Here’s how it went down. Allison Outwater texted me last Thursday: “WE GOT FIRST PLACE IN MARKET APPEAL!! WE ARE STILL IN FIRST PLACE!!” To win the competition, you had to score the highest in 10 categories:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Affordability
  • Market Appeal
  • Communications
  • Appliances
  • Commuting
  • Comfort Zone
  • Home Life
  • Energy Balance

Not only did the Stevens Decathlon Team design and build it, they rolled-out their own public relations including website and social media, and raised the funding to make the project happen. On Friday, “WE JUST WON ARCHITECTURE!! And they’re about to announce COMMUNICATIONS!” A few minutes later–“WE WON COMMUNICATIONS and are now in the lead by nearly 20!!!” Then on Saturday October 17 at 1:41 PM California time–“FIRST PLACE IN ENGINEERING!! STEVENS JUST WON THE 2015 SOLAR DECATHLON!!!!”trophy lift

The last thing Allison said to me before she left for the competition was “Each time we entered the decathlon and lost, we learned something and brought that forward. This time—we’re going there to win!”

Way to go Allison! My sincerest congratulations to your entire team! This was truly amazing. And it’s an honor to have such an amazing, talented young woman working for us at Maser Consulting.

For all the good stuff, visit their website The SU+RE House and FACEBOOK!

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