Rail & Tunnel

Colliers Engineering & Design’s track and rail survey professionals are experienced working for major rail entities including Transit Agencies, Rail Authorities, Class 1 and Short Line Freight Railroads. Our versatile project experience reaches across the nation encompassing a complete variety of rail settings to include mountainous terrains, deserts and suburban settings, as well as on elevated city track ways and the unique environments associated with subways, subsurface levels and tunnels. As a result, our teams have a thorough comprehension of the necessity of close coordination and safety requirements while working within an operating railroad environment. We have the required safety and security certifications, a full understanding of our clients’ expectations and a solid appreciation for the specific circumstances of delivering projects and programs while promoting uninterrupted rail service and safety.

Colliers Engineering & Design deploys a wide range of measuring equipment including track-based trolley systems that provide concise track alignment and clearance conditions. Our ability to generate highly accurate reports with real-time perspectives of track conditions enables clients to make informed decisions at the project site. Our trolley systems quickly and efficiently measure wayside clearances and physical track features including horizontal and vertical position, running gauge and super elevation with data that integrates with LiDAR, GPS and other conventional data collection methods. This includes data positioning in non-daylighting tunnels. For longer rail corridors, our LiDAR units utilize high-rail vehicles to collect continuous geospatial data for comprehensive views of rail corridors, cross-sections, tunnels and physical track features.

Track-Based Services

  • Measurement & Mapping of Existing Horizontal & Vertical Track Alignments
  • Real-Time Clearance Surveys
  • Overhead Catenary/Contact Systems (OCS)
  • Real-Time Track Construction Support
  • New Track Post Construction As-Built
  • Real-Time Tamping Reports & Tamper Feeds
  • As Constructed Deviation Reports
  • Direct Fixation & Embedded Track Construction
  • On-Site Platform Clearance Verification
  • Mobile LiDAR

Conventional Rail Services

  • Base Mapping
  • Right-of-Way Corridor Mapping
  • GIS Asset Mapping
  • Post Construction As-Built
  • 3D Hi-Definition Laser Scanning
  • Topographic & Boundary Surveys
  • GPS Surveying
  • Aerial Photo Control
  • Construction Stakeout
  • Structural Monitoring
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Wetland Surveys