Mobile & Static LiDAR

Colliers Engineering & Design employs a variety of powerful geospatial and laser scanning technologies that can be applied to complex project types. Capable of collecting over a million data points per second, 3D hi-definition laser scanning provides extreme accuracy at an accelerated rate using ground, air and mobile LiDAR techniques. Because these methods can also be deployed from a remote location, it significantly increases operator safety, can reduce the impacts on the travelling public and limit the need for return site visits.

Once the fieldwork is complete, our team of geospatial specialists create customized digital and visual deliverables from the point cloud scanned data, including standard planimetric design files, detailed Digital Terrain Models (DTM), as-built 3D models, asset inventories, geo-referenced photography and project site animations to fulfill even the most unique project requirements.


  • Roadway & Rail Corridor Mapping
  • Roadway & Rail Corridor Clearance Analysis
  • Topographic Surveys
  • GIS/Asset Mapping
  • Construction As-Builts
  • Airport & Port Mapping
  • Tunnel Mapping
  • Pavement Assessment
  • Design/Build Survey & Mapping


  • Hi-Speed & Accurate Data Acquisition
  • Eliminates Costly Return Site Visits
  • Expedited Data Turnaround Time
  • Adaptability to Most Projects
  • Reduces Traffic Disruption on Rail¬†& Roadways
  • Remote Operation Increases Safety
  • Shifts Operations from Field to Office