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Planning Discipline Leader

Kimberly Baptise

Our team of planners, urban designers and landscape architects deliver experience, expertise and creative thinking on every project. Planning at any level is a complex undertaking, whether it’s for a neighborhood, a town or city, or an entire region. At Colliers Engineering & Design, planning is both comprehensive and multi-disciplinary. Our planning professionals connect with the community to understand long-term goals and capture potential opportunities that result in enduring solutions. Our landscape architects take community visions one step further by delivering innovative design solutions that bring vibrancy and excitement into the public realm.

Planning has been a core practice at Colliers Engineering & Design for more than a decade. Our award-winning, nationally-recognized team of professional planners, landscape architects, civic engagement specialists, GIS analysts and environmental scientists works with communities to develop plans and designs that are creative, well-rounded, thoughtful and realistic.

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  • Affordable housing plans (COAH)
  • Brownfield redevelopment area (BOA) plans
  • Community & regional master plans
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Community revitalization plans
  • Community visioning & public outreach
  • Conservation plans
  • Corridor, interchange & intersection analysis
  • Design workshops/charrettes
  • Development application planning & zoning board review
  • Downtown revitalization & streetscapes
  • Eminent domain litigation
  • Form based codes
  • GIS mapping & analysis
  • Grant applications/writing
  • Greenway studies
  • Highlands regional master plan conformance
  • Land planning & design
  • Litigation support
  • Park system planning & design
  • Plazas, public spaces & public art
  • Recreation & open space master plans
  • Redevelopment area studies & plans
  • Regional farmland plans
  • Retail market analysis
  • Sign ordinances
  • Special improvement districts
  • Sustainable economic development plans
  • Traffic analysis & simulation
  • Trails & open space
  • Watershed management plans
  • Wayfinding & orientation
  • Zoning & ordinance updates

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Our multidisciplinary approach to design, combined with a deep understanding of the industry and passion for innovation, has positioned us as leaders consistently delivering outstanding results in shaping the built environment.





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