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Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Services

Colliers Engineering & Design offers Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) services that utilize professional grade-UAS flight platforms. Combined with advanced sensors and data processing, we deliver our clients reliable, repeatable and cost-effective solutions. All our UAS Crews are led by a Certificated Remote Pilot-in-Command who is trained in flight safety as well as proper aircraft deployment, data collection and evaluation. Our UAS team can be rapidly deployed in a safe and cost-effective manner, while ensuring unequaled data collection and processing.

Having multiple types of UAS aircraft and sensors enables our teams to access a wide variety of projects that might be difficult or unsafe to access with conventional survey equipment. Project types include mapping/survey, inspection, engineering support, environmental, critical infrastructure and emergency response


  • Aerial Survey & Mapping
  • Asset Mapping & As-Builts
  • Change Detection
  • Construction Monitoring & Volumetrics
  • Critical Infrastructure Inspection & Mapping
  • Emergency Management/Disaster Response
  • Environmental Support
  • Hi-Resolution Imagery & Video
  • Inspection Services
  • Multi-Sensor Collection
  • UAS Program Development for Public Agencies

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