Market: Rail & Tunnel Region: Washington DC

WMATA Mobile LiDAR Survey

Washington, D.C.

Mobile LiDAR surveying was performed for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to capture the 3D data necessary for creating a base mapping model to aid in defining the most accurate and safe position of a newly designed cable tray, with the purpose of extending quality communication lines throughout the Washington, D.C. subway system. Our professionals were tasked with defining a methodology to collect Mobile LiDAR data in an atypical environment. The data needed to be geospatially accurate and spatially representative within 0.5’ anywhere within the tunnel corridors. A conventional survey control network was developed at the direction of the WMATA. The resulting LiDAR data set was used in defining the location of the new cable tray.

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  • 3D Hi-Definition Laser Scanning
  • LiDAR Mobile Mapping
  • Rail & Tunnel