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  • Oakwood Park Becomes Hybrid Turf Field

    Alexis Eades

    The Transformation to a Hybrid Turf Field So, picture this. It’s the early spring of 2016 in New Providence, NJ. You’re a kid rushing home from school to play soccer with your friends... ... Read More

  • Simple Solutions: On a Roll with the Hippo Water Roller!

    Mallory Reardon

    With the summer's first official heat wave upon the northeast, it’s difficult to imagine that everyone doesn’t have the option to cool off with a cold glass of water right from the convenience of their own homes. Yet, one of the toughest issues often facing developing countries today is the lack of access to clean water. Needed for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and drinking, residents spend hours each day just getting water to their homes to use as a basic resource ... Read More

  • Engineering Students Building Their Future

    Maraliese Beveridge

    People get into engineering to solve problems, to make improvements within a community. Building bridges, resurrecting viable properties through remediation, or surveying more than just land with laser technology is fascinating. But... ... Read More

  • Simple Solutions: New Floors, Fewer Germs

    Mallory Reardon

    A key component of Colliers Engineering & Design’s corporate culture supports individuals who use their training and skills in charitable endeavors to improve the lives and communities around them. Our Simple Solutions blog series... ... Read More