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Geospatial Survey: A Client’s Dream

By Maraliese Beveridge

LiDAR SUV in DenverThe past few years have brought a variety of powerful Hi-Definition Scanning (HDS) technologies to the survey industry that have added an entirely new dimension to the way we acquire survey data and produce deliverables for our clients. Maser Consulting has assembled a Geospatial Dream Team of experts who have become entrenched in the advancements of this equipment and technology, while continually adapting it to new uses. Reinforced by project managers, survey technicians, and CADD professionals, the Dream Team encompasses a large field of members and the common bond between them all is individual pride in their work. The attraction of geospatial survey methodologies from data collection to creation of final deliverables is so strong, the fact that something new could happen every day, has created a rich work environment that has connected our survey specialists from all of our locations nationwide.

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