• Fall Driving in 2022

    Car driving through Fall forest
    Alexis Eades

    Safety Tips for Fall Driving in 2022 Fall may mean an end to the dangers of summer heat, but often, this damp, rainy season sometimes comes with its own dangers. Fall can... ... Read More

  • August Safety Tip: Hydrate, Rest, Shade

    Glass of water
    Alexis Eades

    In our Auguest Safety Tip, learn why you should stay hydrated, take breaks, and find shade in the heat when working and in your personal life. ... Read More

  • July Safety Tip: Dealing With the Heat

    Alexis Eades

    The National Safety Council reports that although the human body is normally able to regulate its temperature by doing things like sweating, when it is exposed to more heat than it can... ... Read More

  • Stay Safe While Walking!

    Alexis Eades

    June’s sunny days and warm evenings may inspire you to go walking around your neighborhood, in the city, or on your way to/from work. Unfortunately, Injury Facts reports that pedestrian fatalities on... ... Read More

  • Allergies! May Safety Tip

    Alexis Eades

    April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring allergies to many people. Symptoms of allergies may include sneezing, which can be dangerous when operating heavy machinery or driving, headaches and congestion,... ... Read More

  • Workers Memorial Day

    Various pieces of safety equipment
    Alexis Eades

    The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) The labor movement fought for over a century organizing for safer working conditions and action from the government. More than 50 years ago, the Occupational... ... Read More