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October Car Care Tips

By Colliers Engineering & Design

It’s the last day of October, so it’s time for some Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips from Car Parts.

Check the Fluids

“Checking your vehicle’s fluids is one of the most critical car care routines. Take a few minutes to check the under-hood fluids, including the engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. You’ll also want to check the automatic transmission fluid (if your car has a dipstick) and the power steering fluid (if your car has hydraulic power steering).

Warning: Never remove the cooling system cap when the engine is hot. Only check the coolant level and condition when the engine is cool.”

Inspect the Tires

Has it been too long since you’ve checked your tire pressure? Tires affect a car’s braking ability, handling performance, and overall safety. Check tread depth and the tire pressure using dedicated gauges. When checking the pressure, pay special attention to the specification listed on the placard inside the door jamb of your car so that you know you’re filling them the way your specific car needs.

Make Sure All of the Lights Work

Ensure that all of your car’s exterior lights (Including the brake lights and reverse lights) are working correctly. As the days get shorter, your morning and evening commute may begin to be in the dark!

Check the Wiper Blades

In many areas of the US, fall is a rainy, wet, and snowy season. Check that your wiper blades work correctly, and refill your washer fluid with the winter blends, which are designed to resist freezing, if appropriate for your climate.

Inspect the Brakes

Check the brakes a least twice a year to ensure they’re in good condition. Fall is a great time to do one of your checks!

Take Care of Any Outstanding Maintenance

Is your car due for service? Lack of maintenance is one of the most common reasons for mechanical breakdowns.

Address any known problems as soon as possible to avoid getting stranded on a cold autumn morning, forcing you to be late for work, or stuck in the parking lot at the end of a busy day because you kept putting something off.

Keep these tips in mind as October comes to an end and the weather gets colder and the days get shorter!


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