Fall Driving in 2022

By Alexis Eades

Safety Tips for Fall Driving in 2022

Fall may mean an end to the dangers of summer heat, but often, this damp, rainy season sometimes comes with its own dangers. Fall can mean increased fog and more dark hours. As the temperatures drop, frost often coats the ground at night. If you’re in an area where fall weather will affect your drive, we have some tips for your safe transition into this time of year.


The summer days are long, and sunlight is plentiful; we can safely drive home in daylight after work most days. In fall, as the sun sets earlier, our visibility suffers. If you need glasses to drive in the dark, be sure to wear them. Also, be on the lookout for children or pedestrians who are playing on the side of the road or potentially jaywalking where you may not be expecting them. In the dark, they can be harder to see, so be always on the lookout. Also, slow down if you cannot see well and use your dimmed headlights in bad weather. This setting aims the beam of light down toward the roadway.

Safe Driving Habits

Fall also means that school is back in session. Allow time in your commute for school bus stops so that you aren’t in a rush. Be sure to follow the laws around stopping for school buses on both sides of the road and look around for children before and after you stop as well. If you have children of your own, be sure to talk to them about how they can stay safe walking to and from their bus.

As in any season, keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you. When its rainy, this distance should increase. When conditions are wet it is harder for cars to safely brake, so give yourself space and reaction time.

As we said in last year’s fall driving blog https://colliersengineering.com/safe-autumn-driving/, always keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle and use your vehicle’s sun visor when needed. We may associate sunny days with summer, but fall sunrises and sunsets can be brilliant, and the angle may be too low for your visor. The bright sun often creates a large amount of glare, making it difficult to see other vehicles, the roadway or the road’s shoulder. Wearing sunglasses during these times reduces the danger.

As it gets colder this fall…

As the temperatures drop further, anyone who parks outside will need to spend extra time in the morning scraping frost off his or her vehicle. Build in time for this when you plan your morning routine. Also note that while walking in parking lots or driving, shady-looking spots on the roadway may in fact be coated in black ice, which a driver or pedestrian may not be aware of until he or she starts to skid on it.

We want our employees to be safe, whether they are in the office or at home. Take care to be safe when driving this fall!

Information Source: https://family.lovetoknow.com/fall-season-safety-tips

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