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Safely Driving Through Autumn

By Alexis Eades
winding roadway through fall trees

While many think of cozy nights by the fire and holiday fun, in many areas, autumn can mean dangerous driving. It is often a damp, rainy season with fog, and more dark hours. As the temperatures drop, frost often coats the ground at night.

A lot of us are commuting into the office this fall when we weren’t necessarily doing so last year.  That means that we might be dealing with driving hazards again that we didn’t have to worry about while working from home. Whether it’s on your commute or driving for personal reasons, we want to help you stay safe!

Tips from “Love To Know”

When driving in fog, set your headlights to the low beam setting. This setting aims the beam of light down toward the roadway.

When there’s frost, drive slowly and break gently at overpasses and bridges as these areas frost over more quickly than other roadway surfaces.

Be aware of areas where black ice forms on the roadway.

Watch out for children at their bus stops in the morning and as they return home in the afternoon.

Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle and use your vehicle’s sun visor. Fall sunrises and sunsets can be brilliant. The bright sun often creates a large amount of glare, making it difficult to see other vehicles, the roadway or the road’s shoulder. Wearing sunglasses during these times reduces the danger.

If you live in an area where there are deer, they are more likely to run into the roadway at dawn and dusk in the fall, since it is an active breeding time. If you see a deer cross the roadway, proceed very slowly as they often travel in groups.

We want our employees to be safe, whether they are in the office or at home. Take care to be safe when driving this fall!

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