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“Sunny” Advice from a Young Engineer

By Maraliese Beveridge

“Set achievable goals and make a plan to reach them”, explained Erica “Sunny” Mullen, PE, M.ASCE, one of our young project engineers during an interview with ASCE Civil Engineer Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Laurie A. Shuster.  Sunny had the

Picture of a Young Engineer

Erica “Sunny” Mullen, PE, M.ASCE

distinction of being featured in the September issue of Civil Engineering magazine’s newest department, Next Step. The column is dedicated to presenting “Advice from Young Engineers Moving Forward in Their Careers”.

“What a great surprise it was to have received a call from Laurie,” Sunny told us. “It’s quite an honor to be recognized by peers within our industry like this because it helps validate that I am on the right track.”

Honored earlier this year in ASCE’s New Faces of Civil Engineering program,  it’s no surprise that Sunny was selected to be interviewed. During the conversation, Sunny was asked a number of questions, the answers of which culminated as the column.

Here is one:

Do you have any other advice for young engineers on their way up?

“I would say not to shy away from opportunities and challenges and realize your potential and where that can take you. It’s important to have realistic goals and a path that will lead you to those goals and to set the milestones along that path. Take the courses and exams you need, inform the right people of your aspirations, and grow your professional network. And confidence, confidence, confidence. You should believe in yourself and your abilities!”

Some of Sunny’s additional advice to other young engineers includes:

  • Create a career plan
  • Set realistic goals and work toward them using milestones
  • Learn by observing those around you
  • Maintain mentor relationships

Having a positive impact within your own industry by getting involved goes a long way. If you’re a young engineer now is a great time to join the ASCE.

We can’t feature the actual article because that is one of the things reserved as a privilege when you become a member of the ASCE. But we sure are proud that our Sunny was chosen and just had to let everyone know!




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