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Hurricane Drones

By Maraliese Beveridge
Hurricane Response Team Photo
Response team

Pre-deployment session for hurricane response

As a wave of deadly hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria) etched-out a pathway of destruction (August thru September), there were so many weather models it was difficult to see which path each storm would take. Like a lot of people, we wanted to jump in to help but had to pause just long enough for safety’s sake, before determining when, where and the means of assistance that could be given.

One story, among many I’d like to share, is about the people at Maser Consulting. An emergency response call was issued companywide on soliciting members to assist our UAS teams with storm damage assessment in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma for clients in Texas and Florida. The team was comprised of fifteen employees from different Maser offices and others cleared by our Human Resource Department, from as far away as Colorado. After driving or being flown into Maser’s headquarters in Red Bank, NJ for a briefing of the assignment and safety orientation, this qualified team of almost complete strangers hit the road.

With less than 48-hours of preparation, the first team deployed leaving the security of their families and homes, selflessly joining this team on a moment’s notice and without question. They had no initial knowledge of where they were going, conditions they’d face, or what their roles would ultimately be until they arrived at an undisclosed location in the vicinity of a hurricane, and received instructions. Simply put, they just got up and went.

Natural disasters of any type are something that can’t be controlled. But somehow when the worst things happen—it seems to bring out the best of what people have to offer. We commend all of you and the other first responders who answered this call and who are still out there working to make things right.

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