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Where’s Wygant?

By Maraliese Beveridge


This is a picture of Clay Wygant laughing.  We think it’s because his new truck is so colorful!

This is a picture of Clay Wygant laughing.
We think it’s because his new truck is so colorful!

Clay Wygant. Mobile Mapping Extraordinaire. Take a good look at his picture because scanning a million points per second makes Wygant so fast you may never catch up with him!

LiDAR. Light Detection and Ranging. The same technology that helps cops catch speeders, is now being used to collect mega survey data for terrain, roadways, bridges, structures, tunnel clearances and surface smoothness, signage–more things than we had ever dreamed of! Aside from its amazing ability to capture a ton of high density data quickly and accurately, a major advantage of using LiDAR is that it can be used to collect information from remote locations which, in most cases, takes our field crews out of the roadway and out of harm’s way. Now, if you take this LiDAR instrumentation and secure it to the top of an SUV, it becomes mobile LiDAR!LiDAR SUV-2

As Manager of Geospatial and LiDAR Services for Maser Consulting, Wygant is charged with the development and expansion of LiDAR services regionally for the firm. Wygant is a pretty wiley fellow. He knows that regionally is a big territory and mobile LiDAR can be transported just about anywhere. So far, Wygant and his mobile LiDAR team have scanned their way through California, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, you name it.

One never knows where Wygant might be. In the office, we like to say…Where’s Wygant today? So, we’ve decided to follow him around and post his scans and photos as he travels. Stay tuned to see where he turns up next!!

Do you know Where Wygant is?

Wygant-ClayClay A. Wygant, PLS has over 25 years of comprehensive land survey experience. He has run the gamut of survey data collection methodologies. What began with traditional, in-the-field, land surveying, became increasingly more technologically advanced to include Optical and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Robotic Total Stations. You name it—he’s done it. Today, he’s moved on to LiDAR. In fact, Wygant is a nationally recognized forerunner within the LiDAR industry. His specialty is the interpretation of a ton of scanned data and development of key practical applications for specific industry requirements, including the exact adjustments clients need to realize their projects.

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One Response to “Where’s Wygant?”

June 30, 2014 at 9:23 am, Christine Gregory said:

Quite interesting. So often you see surveyors on the side of the road trying to work safely amongst speeding traffic. I have wondered how safe they are despite the bright safety vests. This technology would surely be a boon to the industry not only for its advanced accuracy, but for the safely of employees. Looking at the truck, who could honesly say that they didn’t see it!

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