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January Safety Tip: Plan for Winter Storms!

By Alexis Eades

In most states in our country, winter storms are a possibility this time of year. Brutal winds, icing, very low temperatures, sleet, snow, black ice, and freezing rain are all things we may have to deal with. Do you know how to keep yourself and your family safe from the parts of winter that aren’t such a wonderland?

The Red Cross has some good advice, if you found yourself thinking, ‘I think I do but I’m not sure’!

Keep at least a three-day supply of water ready. You may have water in jugs (ideally) or even in your bathtub if that is the only option. How much is a three-day supply? One gallon per person per day! You also want to have at least a three-day supply of nonperishable, easy-to-prepare food. Think peanut butter, crackers, cereal, anything that does not require preparation.

Make sure you have a flashlight in your home and that you know it works. Replace its batteries before the storm and keep track of how long it’s been since you last replaced them. Speaking of batteries, make sure you keep extra batteries handy.

Also, keep a first-aid kit in your home, know where it is, and replace things in it that you use. Keep a seven-day supply of any important medication and medical supplies such as hearing aids with extra batteries and contact lenses.

What else does the Red Cross say you should you have on hand?

  • Your cell phone and charger
  • Extra cash
  • Your important documents like your passport and birth certificate in case of a hasty evacuation
  • Supplies for your pet
  • Warm clothes and coats for everyone in your family
  • Alternate heating methods such as firewood for your fireplace if you have one

Last but not least, be sure to check the weather report regularly so you can plan ahead! Don’t be caught off-guard by a winter storm!

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