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Much Ado About Fort Monmouth

By Maraliese Beveridge
Site Plan for Fort Monmouth Redevelopment

Fort Monmouth, a once bustling Army installation consisting of over 1,126 acres, is nestled within the communities of Eatontown, Oceanport, and Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Site Plan for Fort Monmouth Redevelopment

Parcel C Overall Site Plan

It was initially designed as a self-contained community, and today, there are only remnants of services and businesses still active along the main thoroughfare. Since the base officially closed in 2011, there has been much ado over its fate. Speculation and local rumor have included anything from a mega retail destination that would rival other nearby malls, to a college campus or residential and recreational spaces. Another point of contention has included decisions about the potential of re-use vs. demolition of the former facility’s numerous existing housing complexes.

Over the past 6 years, there have been a few failed development proposals in the mix.  Most likely, the fort property will eventually include a little bit of all these things. While the full potential of the former fort remains to be seen, Lennar Properties is the first new construction residential developer to obtain approvals for two parcels (Parcel C and Parcel C1) on a total of 56-acres in Tinton Falls.

“As part of Lennar‘s design team we assisted in leading the way as the first developer to successfully receive approval to build,” explained Robert Curley, PE, PP, project manager for Maser Consulting. “Whatever the final result of the remaining properties may be—we are proud to be involved with the first 56 acres”.

Maser Consulting is providing full-service engineering that includes Civil/Site Engineering, Permitting, Land Survey, Landscape Architecture, Structural Engineering, and Traffic Engineering.

Of the two parcels being redeveloped, one contained enlisted family housing and currently holds one building and paved parking areas and roads. The community can look forward to 125 low-density townhouses, 60 stacked townhouses, 20 supportive homes, and 38 COAH apartments. Amenities will include 3,800 SF of cafe shop with drive-thru facility; a 14,550 SF pharmacy; 3,800 SF bank; 38,400 SF of retail area within two buildings; and a 12,500 SF childcare center.

The second parcel formerly contained Camp Charles Wood Radar Antenna Shelters and currently holds three buildings, a helipad, paved parking areas and driveways. The approved redevelopment includes construction of 45 single-family homes. Both redevelopment sites will also include a common open space, access roadways, driveways, utilities, lighting and landscaping improvements, and stormwater management facilities.

Site Plan for Fort Monmouth Redevelopment

Parcel C1 Overall Site Plan

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August 02, 2019 at 3:21 pm, Fran Roberts said:

Interested in single family homes to be built.
Please provide any information.
Thank you.

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