Female Empowerment in the Workplace

By Colliers Engineering & Design

STEM Industry

Aware of the imbalance of working within a historically male-dominated industry like engineering, intrapreneurs Allison Colantuoni, Director of Human Resources, and Michele Ouimet, Director of Marketing at Maser Consulting recently co-founded the Maser Consulting Women’s Organization (MWO).

While women have been steadily closing the gender-gap, a study conducted in 2016 on STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), shows that women represent a combined 39.7 percent of employees in computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering occupations. However, in engineering and architecture occupations alone, women represent just 14 percent of all employees.

Maser Consulting Women’s Organization’s Focus

Focused on helping women both inside and outside the firm, MWO’s main objective is in creating an influential network of career-minded women at Maser Consulting. One goal, specifically, is to empower female employees by helping them build their self-confidence and enabling their voices to be heard through various opportunities provided.

To accomplish this objective, the pair created a three-dimensional program structure targeting Education, Community, and Networking. These programs were developed to provide members with opportunities for self-investment, to pay their experience forward, and to grow personal and professional relationships.

Maser Consulting Women's Organization community outreach committee

Maser Consulting employees and MWO Community outreach committee pictured above from left to right: Maria Thorp, Diane Wolff, Jackie Grillo, Carol Angerman, and Michele Ouimet

Women Empowerment

In addition to advocating for female employees, MWO teams-up with community organizations in their efforts to support women. Recently, they hosted an event supporting the non-profit organization Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children, whose mission is to change the lives of women and children by breaking the cycle of poverty.

Jackie Grillo, who chairs MWO’s Community outreach program, recently organized a cocktails & conversation fundraiser for Oasis with Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg as the guest speaker. During this event, Oasis was gifted over 70 boxes of diapers collected through a company-wide “diaper drive”. In addition, nearly $8,000 was raised to support Oasis!

Pictured above from left to right: Oasis Grant Writer Laetitia Cairoli, guest speaker Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, Oasis Executive Director Jennifer Brady, and Maser Consulting Business Development Representative Jackie Grillo

With leaders like Allison, Michele and Jackie, coupled with programs like MWO and Oasis, the progression of women will not only continue in the STEM industries, but will help them grow into leadership roles in all industries.

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