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Where’s Wygant?

By Maraliese Beveridge


Sporting attire for the well-dressed LiDAR.

Sporting attire for the well-dressed LiDAR.

LiDAR Mac. Maser Consulting, in conjunction with Radar Awning in Albuquerque, manufacturer of fine awnings and coverings, has developed the RiCover. This unique environmental cover can be affixed to the RIEGL VMX 450 scanner within moments of changing weather conditions. Because of its of durable weather-resistant construction and ease of use (in accordance with Wygant’s design criteria), it’s capable of withstanding driving minimum highway speeds while attached, which is a plus!

“This LiDAR mackintosh is a no brainer,” Wygant says, “Simply put, it’s the fitting sporting attire for any active Mobile Man, and fighting orange just makes sense.”

You can see our mobile mapping vehicle at the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society Convention August 14 thru 15th at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Not exactly sure where he is this moment, but Wygant is on his way to the show!

Meanwhile, Maser Consulting Geomatics experts

Chad Boggs, RLS, PSM and Mike Ehrhart, PSM will be delivering a presentation at the conference on Saturday morning August 16th. Entitled Geomatics: A Different Approach to Surveying, their oration will address leveraging technology and choosing the right tool for the job. Please stop by Booth #8 at the conference to meet our Geospatial Team!

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