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Transition Your Assets from Paper to Digital: One Step at a Time with GIS

By Maraliese Beveridge
Sue Zitzman, GISP

Sue Zitzman, GISP

Fresh off the press in NJWEA’s Effluents Magazine’s most recent issue (Vol. 49 Issue No. 1 2016), the article, Manage Your Assets from Paper to Digital: One Step at a Time by our resident GIS specialist Suzanne M. Zitzman, GISP, targets how Middletown Sewerage Authority (TOMSA) solved the age-old problem of asset management. TOMSA is not unlike any other paper-burdened municipal facility and their story is a realistic accounting of what it took to transition from using an asset control system comprised of plans stored in bulky tubes and flat files (you know what I’m talking about), to a cloud-based system. Because GIS data is stored on a web-based system, your storage problem is solved (VOILA!). Multiple levels of data can be viewed, maintained, and managed from one point (in the office or field). GIS systems are also versatile programs that can be tailored for your needs such as tracking ongoing maintenance, cost estimate reporting, supporting budgets for future rehabilitation projects. You can also reap benefits through better customer response, and increased life expectancy of assets, while maintaining compliance with agency regulations.

While the initial implementation of a GIS application takes a little leg work to set up, once it is up and running it is well worth the effort over the long term to have the depth of detail regarding your assets and improvement in your ability to manage them.

Released just prior to the NJWEA John J. Lagrosa 101st Conference & Exposition held at Bally’s Atlantic City, NJ, the article has already sparked a lot of conversation and interest by multiple townships. If you want to see why, visit Sue at the conference at Maser Consulting’s Booth#913, otherwise give her a call at 877.627.3772 or email

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