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SUE Goes to Boca Raton!

By Colliers Engineering & Design

SUE Goes to Boca Raton!

What do new, redevelopment, and expansion projects all have in common? How about roadway and transportation? Commercial, residential developments, or any other type of project? No matter the project type, each one relies on associated utilities. While above ground utilities have the advantage of exposure to visual inspection, infrastructure hidden underground weave intricate pathways for water, electric, sewer, gas, and communication lines in, around, and connecting to the more familiar above ground appurtenances. One problem: they’re not always where you think they should be—or depicted correctly in records.

Enter SUE

SUE, or subsurface utility engineering, is an engineering practice providing the most effective means of qualifying and recording the disposition of existing underground utilities. When used to its fullest potential, this is a powerful investigative process. It is a critical part of both the design and decision-making for new and existing infrastructure projects.

While our office in Boca Raton is one of Colliers Engineering & Design’s more recent offices, it is staffed by professionals who have been vested and working in this region for many years. Specifically, they’ve worked on Survey, SUE and Utility Coordination projects for the Florida Department of Transportation.


Daniel Checchia

“We are currently a preferred consultant for the FDOT’s District 6,” explained Daniel Checchia, Geographic Discipline Leader of Survey/Geospatial services. “By that I mean, we have such an intimate understanding of the Districts, procedures, expectations, and diverse geology, we were able to create a team of professionals with support and complementary services to be awarded a 5-year, $1.5 million dollar task work-based contract.” Dan has been working with the District for over 6 years.


Denis Denis

Additionally, Denis A. Denis, PSM, PE, Geographic Discipline leader of Survey/Geospatial services has over 14 years of experience in surveying and mapping for design and construction (bridge, roadway, and site). He worked with the FDOT for a number of years and has also served as in-house consultant to FDOT District 6. Recently, Dan, Denis, and the CED Miami Survey team were awarded a miscellaneous Survey contract for 5 years, at $1.5 million dollars.

Meet the Newest Members of the Boca SUE Team

Rebecca Green

Rebecca Green, Utility Coordinator, has over five years of experience with a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in utility coordination as well as subsurface utility engineering. She is familiar with FDOT procedures in accordance with the Utility Accommodation and Procedures manual and has worked to develop relationships with Utility Agency Owners statewide. Rebecca has successfully certified numerous projects collectively in Districts 4 and 6.


Paige Ioia

Paige Ioia, Project Surveyor, has over 8 years of experience in survey. Her responsibilities are to oversee construction and transportation survey projects and supervise field crews within the geospatial discipline for CED. Paige’s main goals are to provide guidance, support, and any information necessary to ensure client satisfaction, and that projects are completed on time and under budget.


Nancy Condemi

Nancy Condemi, Utility Coordination Technician, serves as the liaison between FDOT and utility agencies to assist with identifying and resolving utility challenges for our clients. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, coordinating, communicating, scheduling with the Engineer of Record, FDOT Project Managers, and utilities companies, organizing meetings, negotiations, securing agreements and utility work schedules, and resolving conflicts during design to avoid construction delays.

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