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LiDAR Eye Candy

By Maraliese Beveridge
Geospatial Rail Tunnel

Rail tunnel geospatialOur friends at RIEGL USA were kind enough to give us this month’s Customer Spotlight, so we had the chance to hear what our Director of Geospatial Services Paul DiGiacobbe had to say on the all the great things we’ve been doing with our LiDAR scanners—ground, mobile and airborne!

This scanned image is the result of our Geospatial team’s mobile LiDAR mapping of rail tunnel using one of our RIEGL VMX units—and is one of the prettiest scans we’ve seen so far!

According to RIEGL and excerpted from the RIEGL Blog Newsroom August 1, 2017, “Their (Maser Consulting) work with our VMX platform has transformed how their department sees surveying on the difficult corridors. Utilizing the VMX, they have seen a true revolution where they are able to do more for less, providing unprecedented detail in deliverables and are able to serve the agency (client) at a level that has not been seen in the past.”

DiGiacobbe stated, “The transportation infrastructure industry has gone through an awakening over the past 5 years or so. We no longer need to describe our LiDAR services. People know what it is, and now that they want it, they want it done right. For Maser Consulting, being LiDAR experts has opened so many doors for us. New clients, industries, and opportunities to get involved in some of the most interesting projects in our company’s 30+ year history.”

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