Sharing Holiday Traditions

By Alexis Eades

Thanksgiving Table for Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions Across the Nation

Maser Consulting has experienced rapid expansion across the nation, but we haven’t let growth stop us from staying connected to each other. In honor of Thanksgiving, a celebration based on traditions and togetherness, we would like to highlight a few of the holiday traditions our employees enjoy this time of year.

Personal Traditions

Child apple picking for holiday traditions

Project Manager John Pellenz’s favorite fall tradition is apple picking with his family in the beautiful mountainous areas of North Carolina.

Surveyor Sean Phillips loves spending the fall season on the gridiron, supporting his son, nephews, and family members. “My family is very involved in high school football. So, we’ve had many Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at football fields over the years.”

Director of Human Resources Allison Colantuoni’s favorite holiday recipe is cranberry salsa. “The secret is to line the bottom of the dish with spreadable cream cheese and put the salsa on top. It’s best served with pumpkin tortilla chips!”

Office Traditions

When you spend so much time with your coworkers, they become a second family. So, it comes as no surprise that our offices have created some fun traditions of their own.

Project Manager Brett Reynolds’ favorite fall tradition is the Fantasy Football League he started 16 years ago. “It started with 10-12 people and has grown to two 10-team leagues. We combine for an ‘overall’ winner and owner of the homemade trophy to pass along each year. It’s a good way to catch up and bond with other employees over non-work-related topics.”

YMCA donation for holiday traditions

Administrative Coordinator Rachel Owens says that the Miami office hosts a delicious luncheon with food catered from their favorite Cuban restaurant.

Marketing Procurement Manager Janis Lee Doran says that her favorite tradition is “helping grant Holiday Wishes (toys and clothes) for YMCA-sponsored children in the area.”

Happy Thanksgiving

Traditions are important. They bind us together and help us to appreciate each other as more than just coworkers. Sometimes, they help to do good in our communities. Enjoy the traditions you hold close, and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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