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Data Fusion & Design/Build–A Recipe for Success!

By Colliers Engineering & Design

Web-cover“When properly managed and executed [LiDAR technology] can result in safer means of survey data collection, expedited project schedules, extensive datasets for design inquiries, better quality survey deliverables and extreme confidence in the reliability of information…”

Leaders in the field of mobile LiDAR, Chad Boggs, PSM and Mike Ehrhart, PSM have teamed up to present the methodologies of Data Fusion, most recently at the 2015 International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver.

The portable nature of mobile LiDAR has enabled our survey teams to scan projects in more than half of the 50 United States. Boggs, a Regional Survey Manager, and Project Manager Ehrhart have been focused on integrating static and mobile LiDAR to create higher quality survey deliverables for clients.

To learn more about Data Fusion using LiDAR, please read their most recent article in LiDAR News 2015 Vol5 No3 entitled DATA FUSION: A Case Study for Design-Build Projects.



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