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Accelerating Success Awards

By Colliers Engineering & Design
Congrats Accelerating Success Award Winners

It’s National Employee Appreciation Day, and we are grateful for every one of the individuals who make our firm the family that it is. Recently, we hosted the first Accelerating Success Awards to show our appreciation and honor some amazing individuals and project teams. Here are the results!

Rising Star Award

For an individual in any discipline, technical or non-technical, who has performed above and beyond expectations and is likely to attain success and step into a more senior role.

Award Winners: Amanda Paton, Ashley Sustek, Dan Checchia, Michelle Kang, Oscar Pardo

Manager Of the Year

Manager who has made an outstanding contribution to lead his/her team, advance staff development, create a rewarding team atmosphere, provide a positive influence, and be a role model of leadership within the organization.

Award Winners: Craig Zeidman, Rich Maloney

Volunteer Of the Year-Timothy J. Coyle Award

Excellence in impactful philanthropy, long-time dedication, or involvement to a cause, or performing in a volunteer role which provides positive contributions to the community with meaningful improvements or impacts.

Award Winners: Steve Gomba

Safety Award

This individual has instilled a culture of safety as a core value, established a framework for safety leadership in all aspects of the program, or has had a positive and lasting impact by developing and nurturing a safety culture.

Award Winners: Matt Graubart

Mentor Award-Richard M. Maser Award

This person demonstrates a positive attitude, acts as a positive role model, exhibits enthusiasm in learning and encourages professional growth in the field.

Award Winner: John Walton

Client Service Award–External Clients

A project team who has provided excellent and responsive services for their external clients per the client survey and feedback.

Award Winner: Ron Madison

Client Service Award –In-house

An individual or a group who provides responsive, personalized, and proactive service that is invaluable to the in-house colleagues.

Award Winners: Gale Tetzloff, Oscar Pardo, Robert Kriskowski

Project Of the Year

This award recognizes project which features superior technical skills, innovation, and collaborative teamwork. The selected project showcases the company’s capabilities by demonstrating the most significant achievements in excellence.

Award Winner: Legoland, New York

Most Innovative Project

This award celebrates an innovative projector team which provided an outstanding design process or a unique approach to resolve a given problem.

Award Winner: Riverton

Best Multi-Discipline Project

This award recognizes the outstanding collaboration and supportive effort of a multi-discipline project team to provide the services and expertise required for the success of a complex project.

Award Winner: Riverton

Professionalism Award

As one of Colliers Engineering & Design (CED)Core Values, this award will recognize a team’s (a group of employees from the same or different disciplines and/or between offices) outstanding acts of integrity and accountability associated with a given project or company endeavor.

Award Winner: Corporate Events Team – Michelle Brennan, Kristina Starcic, Lauren Kirms & Jennifer Dampman

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