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Region: New York

Utica Harbor Dam Rehabilitation

Utica, NY

The New York State Canal Corporation selected our firm to work on the restoration of the Utica Harbor Dam. The dam, situated on the Mohawk River in Oneida County, is over a century old and requires extensive rehabilitation due to damage caused by the river’s environment.

We began our work with hydraulic and environmental analyses, SEQR processing, structural analyses, preliminary design, detail development, and final design. To minimize long-term maintenance costs, we reduced the number of Tainter gates from three to two and lengthened the fixed crest dam accordingly. The gates and dam underwent significant upgrades, including replacing concrete structures and mechanical components.

Our team utilized the existing timber pile foundations, introducing new features to enhance load distribution. We employed innovative material methods to reduce the structure’s weight and installed new jet-grouted piles where necessary. In accordance with NYSDEC Dam Safety Guidelines and USACE EMs, we conducted hydrological, hydraulic, geotechnical, and structural assessments. We also carried out a thorough dam failure analysis and assessed the downstream impacts.

This modern Tainter Gate Control System (TGCS) now functions as a self-sufficient and independent system. The system monitors sensors, displays data, controls outputs, triggers alarms, and records information. The TGCS transmits and receives data through secure digitizing protocols and error-prevention techniques.

The project was successfully completed on schedule, with a strong focus on minimizing long-term maintenance costs and safety.

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