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Erxleben Recreation Complex Pool Restoration

City of Elizabeth, Union County, NJ

2014 NJSME Municipal Project of the Year
As one of the few recreational facilities in the City of Elizabeth, Erxleben Recreation Complex is a treasured part of the community. When its 30-year-old pool suffered a mechanical failure, the City recognized the importance of maintaining the facility for its residents and acquired a bond for the restoration of the complex. Colliers Engineering & Design provided a new design that incorporated kiddie and handicap-accessible pools, water-play and shade structures, new mechanical buildings, shower towers, and utility upgrades. The new design also included an innovative beach-style ramp entrance to the pool to replace the previous steps. The ramp’s ADA-compliant incline and hand railings encouraged all people to use and enjoy the pool.

Striving to contain costs, the City recycled the original pool materials for use in construction, and installed a surge tank to store displaced water, to conserve water and replenish the pool as needed. A new ultraviolet ray system was installed to subdue bacterial growth in the water, lessening the need for chlorine. To further decrease maintenance, a four-stage filtration system was installed, and variable speed pumps were designed to reduce operating costs for electrical demand when the pool is not in use. The system design also provided two pumps, alternating usage each week to extend the life of the system and serve as a back-up if one pump failed. New buildings were designed to provide ease of access to the mechanicals enabling quick and easy repairs. Through proper construction management and the monitoring of supplies, the project was completed well within budget. Combining these measures helped offset the cost burden on the City and reduced the impact on the environment.

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