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What to Expect: The Intern/Co-Op Hiring Process

All candidates must complete an application for a position through our Career Opportunities page. If you are unsure which application is right for you, please complete the General Submission application and then contact Megan Cates by email to express your interest. She can be reached at

Once your application is in the system, our Talent Acquisition team will review your resume for possible roles within the organization. Don’t be alarmed if we don’t reach out right away-just because the ideal role is not available today, does not mean we won’t have something perfect for you tomorrow!

If your application is a good fit for an available position, Talent Acquisition will reach out to you to schedule a brief phone screen. Think of this as a “get to know you” call. The Talent Acquisition Specialist will ask you questions about your interests, your schooling, what software programs you are familiar with, and some other general interview questions. Please be open and honest during this process so that we can match you with the best opportunity possible!

If all goes well during the phone screen, our team will get you scheduled for a video interview with the hiring team seeking someone with your skills and abilities.

To minimize COVID-19 risks and adapt for our candidates’ school and travel needs, we have implemented phone and video interviewing. The following tips & suggestions will help you be prepared to put your best foot forward:

      • Find a quiet place, free from possible interruptions
      • Make sure you are well-lit by facing a light source such as a window or lamp
      • Ensure your internet connection is stable
      • Check that your computer’s audio is working
      • Test your computer’s webcam
      • Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications
      • Dress professionally
      • Have a copy of your resume on your desk
      • Write down any questions you may have
      • Place your phone in silent mode

 We encourage you to follow up with a “Thank you” email to the hiring managers after your interview and to keep in touch with the Talent Acquisition Specialist who speaks with you and schedules your interview. These are great connections and again, they may result in future opportunities!

Please be patient with us as we work to schedule and respond to all submissions. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to check in, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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