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Diversity & Inclusion

At Colliers Engineering & Design diversity and inclusion matter. They strengthen our business by enriching our culture, accelerating success for our clients, and helping us deepen relationships among our people, teams, and communities. We have a diverse workforce in which all contributions and differences are valued. We recognize that each of our employees brings unique skills, creativity, and perspectives to the Company which help make us a success.

Each of us plays a vital role in the Company, no matter our position. We recognize that individual contributions are grounded in one’s age, gender, family, background, and other such characteristics. This diversity in our workforce enables us to be as responsive to our clients as they need us to be.

Prevent Discrimination. Equal employment opportunity at Colliers Engineering & Design is inclusive, we look at the whole picture. Our employment decisions are based on qualifications, skills, and abilities – not on personal bias.

Opportunities for Others. We are committed to offering opportunities for everyone at Colliers Engineering & Design to help them develop their talents and advance their careers.

Each employee’s commitment to diversity and inclusion will help the Company maintain a healthy and productive work environment that preserves the dignity of all employees, regardless of any individual differences.