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Market: Bridges Local Government Region: New Jersey

Rehabilitation of Bridge N-17 over Musquash Brook

City of Neptune, Monmouth County, NJ

Colliers Engineering & Design provided professional contract administration and construction inspection services for the rehabilitation of Bridge N-17 on County Route 17 (East End Avenue) over Musquash Brook. The scope of work included the partial demolition and expansion of the existing bridge deck (including sidewalk); removal of existing bridge railing, timber bulkhead, concrete sidewalk, pedestrian railing, and guide rail; and reconstruction of the bridge. Bridge reconstruction involved widening the existing bridge deck; concrete repair to existing concrete bridge deck, bridge sidewalks, and brush curbs; 4-bar open steel bridge parapets, concrete bridge approaches, and black chip overlay; 970 LF of new bulkhead with reinforced cap and 4-bar open steel parapet with lighting pylon; reinforced concrete sidewalk; replacement of existing 18” and 24” storm sewer outfalls; revetment repairs comprised of grouted rip rap; temporary sanitary sewer bypass; and the reconstruction of 1,100 feet of approach roadway including curb, beam guide rail, drainage, hot mix asphalt pavement, and any other incidental work.

Our services included reviewing and approving the Contractor’s construction schedule and updates and ensuring that the Contractor’s scheduled work was in compliance with the environmental permit restrictions identified in the contract documents. We also monitored the Contractor’s efforts to coordinate and schedule the work of the various utility companies impacted by the project.

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