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Small Cell & DAS Design

Discipline Leader

Michelle Kang

Colliers Engineering & Design is on the cutting edge of technology involved in design and engineering for the densification of existing networks which has exponentially increased small cell deployment. As an integral part of the paradigm shift to IoT, we’re consistently adapting to the industry’s deployment of new technologies. To support this growth in technology and engineering, we’ve provided civil/structural engineering design for thousands of small cell installations nationally on a multitude of existing structures including wooden utility poles, steel, fiberglass, concrete, stadium lighting and rooftops. Whether iDAS, ODAS or Small cell, Colliers Engineering & Design has extensive engineering design experience to streamline the design, permitting and construction timelines.

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Our multidisciplinary approach to design, combined with a deep understanding of the industry and passion for innovation, has positioned us as leaders consistently delivering outstanding results in shaping the built environment.