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Cell Site Modification Design

Discipline Leader

Michelle Kang

Today’s wireless networks are in a constant state of technological flux. As these networks continue to develop and expand, clients may have to modify existing cell sites multiple times within the course of a year. Obsolete equipment may require upgrades or replacement. New antennas are installed to support the latest generation of technology and standby power capabilities are integrated to support the constantly changing technology, consumer demand, and regulations mandated at the federal, state and local levels.

Our team of civil, structural, and electrical engineers combine their experience and capabilities to provide a complete line of services to support our clients with any cell site modification design project. Using a broad range of data collection and engineering services, our professionals have the expertise and ability to adapt our services to the changes their projects demand when the speed of getting on-air is critical.

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Our multidisciplinary approach to design, combined with a deep understanding of the industry and passion for innovation, has positioned us as leaders consistently delivering outstanding results in shaping the built environment.