Market: Higher Education Region: Connecticut

University of Connecticut Hartford Campus

Downtown Hartford, Hartford County, CT

Colliers Engineering & Design teamed with KC Precast (installer) and Modern Mosaic (Designer and Fabricator) to perform construction layout survey for the installation of precast concrete panels for the new Downtown Campus building at the University of Connecticut Hartford Campus. The new building includes classrooms, study areas, a student lounge, computer labs, and a campus library.

Our surveyors had to tie into the existing UConn construction, provide end-of-panel locations, and set vertical benchmarks. We also performed an as-built survey using laser scanning and provided the dimensions of the faces of the panels to grid lines to confirm that the panels were parallel to the grids. During the project, the Colliers Engineering & Design and KC Precast team encountered an issue where no as-builts had been performed of the steel for horizontal location or vertical plumbness. Our professionals coordinated with KC Precast to field adjust the panels to fit the building.

Click here to read more about the construction, design, and structure of this project.

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  • 3D Hi-Definition Laser Scanning
  • Land Survey