Market: Higher Education Region: New Jersey

Rowan College at Burlington County Student Success Center

Mount Laurel Township, Burlington County, NJ

Provided structural, civil/site, landscaping, and geotechnical engineering services for the complete design of the Student Success Center on the Rowan College at Burlington County campus. The building is a two-story, 75,000 SF structure that houses a student library, bookstore, cafeteria, and offices. The building has glass curtain walls around most of the facades and a 15′-0″ long cantilevered second floor at the northeast building wing.

Our services included structural design of the building’s steel superstructure and concrete foundation, site design of the building’s landscaping and hardscaping, and a geotechnical investigation of the existing soils.


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  • Civil/Site Engineering
  • Geotechnical
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Structural Engineering