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Market: Civic Facilities Real Estate Region: Texas

Ruby City Contemporary Art Museum

San Antonio, TX

Ruby City is a two-story, 10,000 SF contemporary art museum on the Southside of San Antonio, Texas. The building provides a space for the city’s thriving creative community. It houses nearly 800 works of contemporary art.

As the civil engineer for this development, Colliers Engineering & Design (CED) was re­sponsible for civil plan preparation, which included sche­matic design, as well as grading, utility, and paving plans. CED also prepared a stormwater management plan, a stormwater pollution prevention plan, a traffic impact analysis report, and assisted the project team in preparing the building permit package. As well, CED also provided all the preliminary fieldwork, which included staking out the proposed boring location for the geotechnical con­sultant. As the project was adjacent to San Pedro Creek, the city required a pre- and post-construction flood plain development permit, which CED provided.

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  • Civil/Site
  • Geotechnical
  • Stormwater Management