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Market: Local Government Utilities Region: New Jersey

Brick MUA GIS Facility & Asset Management Program

Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ

Created a GIS Facility & Assessment Management Program for the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority (BTMUA) to enhance the efficiency of public service requests, operation and maintenance of facility plants, and sanitary sewer collection system by integrating a web-based mobile asset management solution. When creating the program, our professionals interviewed key professionals in various departments, gathered existing procedural documents, inventoried software use, and noted daily processes and procedures. This information was then used to develop the recommendations for an asset management program that would improve the efficiency of O&M procedures across multiple departments.

Treatment plant facilities for water and sewer will be managed through the system, as will tracking equipment inspections and work requests. Integration of the BTMUA’s Geographical Information System mapping will allow end-users to search facilities and assets to review historic documents and pending operation and maintenance requests.

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