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Market: Bridges County Government Region: New Jersey

Replacement and Addition of Festoon Cables

City of Burlington, Burlington County, NJ

Performed full-time, on-site inspections and construction administration for the replacement and installation of new festoon cables for the Burlington-Bristol Bridge. The scope of work involved cleaning, paint removal, examination of all steel and surfaces, repairing of steel, and repainting where necessary. New festoon cables, associated cable clamps, and hardware were installed. Additionally, new festoon boxes, cable, conduit, and break-out boxes were provided.

Colliers Engineering & Design professionals were also tasked with providing review of and approval for contractor payment applications and change orders. Responsibilities included coordinating all activities with the contractor and the Commission’s Resident Engineer, holding construction progress meetings, and furnishing all labor, materials, services, equipment, and tools necessary to perform the inspection work.


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