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Market: Hospitality Retail Region: Pennsylvania

Philadelphia POD Hotel

City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

Colliers Engineering & Design provided geotechnical engineering and special inspections services for the Philadelphia POD Hotel, a new 13-story hotel structure that will also feature street-level retail space and below-grade parking. Our geotechnical engineering services included the execution of a geotechnical exploration program consisting of test borings to explore the subsurface conditions, as well as test pits to better delineate existing known and unknown site features (e.g. adjacent building foundations. remnants of former site development, etc.). The test pits were also utilized to evaluate the impact of these features on the proposed development. Our recommendations provided for support of the proposed development using drilled shaft foundations, socketed into the underlying intact rock.

Our special inspections services will include construction observation and materials testing for both the below-grade and above-grade features, including foundations, cast-in-place concrete, post-installed concrete anchors, structural steel, pre-cast concrete, and spray-on fire resistant materials (SFRM).


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