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Market: Waterfront Region: New Jersey

Paulsboro Marine Terminal Phase II

Paulsboro Borough, NJ

The Comprehensive Port Project involves a 550-foot barge berth and two additional deep-water wharf extensions, over 1,500 ft of wharf, train rail trestle, and vehicle trestle, with additional connections from the wharf to the land. The project scope also included installations of remaining utilities (water, sanitary, electrical), storm water drainage, grading and paving, as well as the construction of additional buildings and warehouses. Colliers Engineering & Design provided quality assurance services in the interest of the owner during both the design/pre-bid and construction phases. We performed review and comment of the proposed pile design and project document package pre-contractor bid award in order to avoid set-backs that were encountered during construction of the Phase I project (the current Wharf), a project with which Colliers Engineering & Design was not involved.

Our professionals provided observation and logging during the pile driving operation performed by Commerce Construction Corporation from October 22, 2018 to January 6, 2021. The 1,721 piles installed as part of Phase II consist of 30 inch diameter steel pipe piles driven both open-ended and closed-ended. The pile sections were installed with final lengths ranging from 69 to 192 feet. We also performed on-site and off-site welding inspections for the pile splices, and in-place material testing services for construction of the spine road as part of the port development.

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