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Mathis Plaza Waterfront Improvements

Borough of South Toms River, Ocean County, NJ

2012 NJSME Municipal Project of the Year

Mathis Plaza is a small waterfront park situated adjacent to the Toms River on Borough-owned and maintained property that is part of a 3.74 acre tract that includes an expansive lawn area with gazebo, waterfront walkways, memorial, and parking.  Due to ground settlement and vandalism over many years, the paver walkway along the waterfront was in varying states of disrepair, which caused tripping hazards and vandalism, prevented handicap access, and lowered former recreational usage by residents. The Borough’s goal was to rehabilitate the waterfront walkways to install missing concrete pavers; improve the edge restraint material; bring the walkway into ADA conformance; and provide a recreational waterfront respite for its residents to enjoy.

The Ocean County Community Development Block Grant program worked creatively with this small community in developing an affordable two-phase approach that spanned multiple funding years. This funding enabled the Borough to reset existing pavers; replace missing pavers; install a more permanent edging; reseal all pavers; and make other cost-effective repairs to the other park amenities. The improvements to Mathis Plaza are a prime example of value engineering and helping this small community make the most of what resources they had.


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