Region: New York

Manhattan Cruise Terminal Viaduct Rehabilitation

Manhattan, New York, NY

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal contains a 2-tier, 1,000 foot long concrete viaduct structure located right at the water’s edge.  The viaduct allows vehicular access to the multi-level cruise terminal and parking garages. The viaduct is a reinforced concrete structure, similar to a bridge, and contains extensive concrete deterioration, spalling and other concrete defects. Administered by Skanska USA Building, Inc., in conjunction with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), the project required rehabilitation inspection and design services.

Colliers Engineering & Design’s services included investigation, repair and rehabilitation design, permitting, cost estimating, bid documents, and design services during construction for the Phase II and III rehabilitation.  We reviewed all available documentation and performed a thorough investigation of both the topside and bottom side of the viaduct levels. We took concrete cores and utilized a telescoping man-lift rental to assist in the investigation and developed as-builts of the structure, documenting the exact location and extent of the repair items. Once we had a clear understanding of the full extent of the repair work, we coordinated with repair product manufacturer’s to develop the repair details.  Because most of the repairs involved specialty products, such as repair concrete, pre-fabricated expansion joints, joint sealants, and special coatings, it was imperative that our team vet out the proper application and specification for the repairs.  Finally our engineers developed a detailed construction sequence and work plan to ensure that the repair construction would have minimal impact to the cruise terminal passengers.


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