PROJECT TYPE: Telecommunications PROJECT REGION: New York

Long Island ODAS

Long Island, NY

As wireless providers strive to cover more areas with faster data speeds and enhance the capacity of their existing networks, the suburbs face a difficult challenge. The prospect of building new tall structures in densely populated areas can be a difficult task, but everyone wants reliable wireless coverage for their cell phones, tablets, smart cars, etc. An innovative way to provide coverage and capacity to these areas without creating the need for new tall structures is to co-locate a group of wireless antennas onto existing shorter structures. Existing utility poles serve as the perfect location to build a wireless Outdoor Distributed Antenna System, also known
as ODAS.

Colliers Engineering & Design recently completed a project like this in Suffolk County, NY. Our professionals designed and evaluated a large group of existing utility poles to support an ODAS design to enhance coverage and capacity to an existing densely populated residential area for wireless coverage without the need to construct new structures. The project lasted approximately two months and overcame multiple challenges including mapping existing utility poles; evaluating the capacity, location, and utility coordination for each pole to support the antennas; and associated control equipment. Now that the system is successfully up and running, the residents are supported by the coverage and capacity they need, without noticing the source.

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