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Market: Pharmaceutical Renewable Energy Warehouse & Distribution Region: New York

Li-Cycle Warehouse Offices and Visitor Center

Greece, NY

Li-Cycle has developed a cutting-edge process for breaking down used lithium-ion batteries into base components that can then be refined and recycled to make new batteries. To process that material, they created a state-of-the-art facility at Eastman Business Park that acts as a refining hub. In conjunction with that effort, our firm was contracted to develop a 302,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility to store incoming components and outgoing refined materials.

In addition to areas for material storage and testing and calibration laboratories, the facility also accommodates Li-Cycle’s North American administrative operations and a Visitor Center. The Visitor Center’s goal is to educate visitors about battery recycling and sustainable practices through interactive exhibits and guided tours.

Developed by The Pike Company and Conductor Construction, this project significantly advances lithium-ion battery recycling, promoting environmental stewardship and community engagement. Through collaboration with the ownership team, we delivered a facility that supports efficient recycling processes and sustainable solutions.

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