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Market: Local Government Region: Texas

Graytown Road Improvements

San Antonio, TX

Colliers Engineering & Design provided a 1,500-foot plan and profile design to improve one-half of the width of Graytown Road, a substandard very narrow roadway with significant drainage issues. This project replaced a low water crossing roadway with an existing 24-inch CMP to a raised road profile, above the 100-year water surface, with 20 – 10-foot x 5-foot multi-box culverts, added right turn lanes on SE loop 1604 and Waverunner Road and added signalization to the intersection at SE Loop 1604. The existing right-of-way did not have ample dedication from the opposing properties to the north, thus a half-width pavement section on the south side was designed to allow for future improvements to both roadway and drainage facilities. The project was designed to maintain existing traffic throughout construction. The improvement to this roadway significantly improves the traffic circulation and provides unflooded access on this secondary arterial to the growing residential communities in the area.

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  • Municipal Services
  • Stormwater Management