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Market: Local Government Region: New Jersey

Frenchtown Open Space & Recreation Plan

Frenchtown Borough, Hunterdon County, NJ

Colliers Engineering & Design prepared Frenchtown’s first Open Space and Recreation Plan, an optional Master Plan Element that expresses the local municipality’s vision for open space and recreation and provides a framework for implementation. An Open Space and Recreation Plan provides a snapshot of existing conditions and identifies issues and opportunities for passive and active recreation.

Even though 26.7% of the land in the Borough was already designated as permanent preserved open space, there was potential for additional open space and/or recreation acquisition, providing the opportunity for the Borough to increase its inventory of land. To prepare the Open Space and Recreation Plan, our planners completed an inventory of existing open space and recreation facilities and performed a recreation needs analysis and assessment of existing assets. Our findings enabled us to provide the Borough with goals and objectives to guide future actions regarding open space and recreation, plan for acquiring additional sites for passive or active recreation, and create an action plan for next steps. We also fostered public participation during the project to gather insights from community residents. The plan was successfully adopted by the Borough in February 2019.


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