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Flight of Five Lock Rehabilitation

Lockport, NY

Design and construction support services for the repair and rehabilitation of the historic “Flight of Five” locks in Lockport, NY. 

Colliers Engineering & Design provided services to rehabilitate the historic “Flight of Five” Locks (north set) back to their original working condition (circa 1842). The Flight of Five Locks is one of the most valuable and important historic resources still in existence on the original Erie Canal route. Upon its completion in 1825, the double set of five locks was considered to be one of the most significant engineering triumphs of its era. The locks were subsequently enlarged in the 1860s to accommodate increased traffic and larger barges. In 1975, the Flight of Five was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Lockport Industrial National Register District. 

The locks have received little maintenance in the past century – sediment and debris have collected, gates have been replaced by concrete headwalls, lock walls have shifted, stone masonry blocks have cracked and deteriorated, handrails have fallen into disrepair. 

To-date, we have provided comprehensive design services to repair and rehabilitate two locks of the Flight of Five back to their original working condition, allowing visitors to experience how those Locks appeared and operated in the 1840s. 

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