PROJECT TYPE: Local Government PROJECT REGION: New Jersey

Demarest Pond Hydro-Raking

Demarest Borough, Bergen County, NJ

The Demarest Pond is a central place of enjoyment for Borough residents. The freshwater pond fed by the Oradell Reservoir has an elongated surface area that provides a long shoreline end-to-end, occupying approximately .85 acres. Although it was dredged almost 15 years ago, sections of the pond were being filled-in with organic matter, debris and sediment, causing the water to become green and murky with little visibility and reduced oxygen for fish.

Our professionals helped Demarest investigate methods to improve water quality and pond health, including re-dredging the pond or hydro-raking it. Pond dredging is an intrusive procedure that removes organic material as well as sediment on the bottom of the pond. This method can damage the pond bottom as well as the ecosystem. The deployment of dredge equipment around the project site also has a negative impact on the surrounding community. Hydro-raking, however, has less of an impact on the pond and surrounding area and is designed to remove the organic matter and other debris in a more selective manner. The results of a probing analysis conducted to determine the composition and depth of the sediment for removal revealed that the sediment composition was organic material. This was the ideal circumstance in which to use the hydro-rake. The Borough moved forward, and the project was completed in approximately two weeks. It was recognized as a New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers Project of the Year, Second Place, for Municipal Management Projects.

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