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Market: Rail & Tunnel Region: New Jersey

Conrail On-Call GIS Services

Various Locations, NJ

Colliers Engineering & Design was retained by Consolidated Rail Incorporation (Conrail) to provide on-call GIS services. The first task of this on-call project was to field visit and inspect 34 railroad grade crossings that were updated in 2018. Our Global Positioning Systems (GPS) field technicians who performed the field inspections completed the necessary railway safety training that is required as part of 49 CFR Part 214, in addition to Conrail specific safety training. We worked directly with Conrail field engineers to coordinate field work at each grade crossing and to notify the appropriate Conrail personnel when we would be working at each crossing.

These grade crossings are located throughout New Jersey. Our inspection included a condition assessment of the grade crossing and associated assets, such as crossbucks, bells, etc. Photographs of each grade crossing were captured and stored within the GIS as well. Once the data was collected in the field, our GIS technicians performed quality control and formatted the final data deliverables to match Conrail’s existing GIS data schema so that it could be easily imported into Conrail’s enterprise GIS.

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