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Market: Federal/State Agency Region: New York

Brookhaven National Lab – US Department of Energy

Upton, NY

The renovation of two buildings on the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Lab campus in Upton, NY.

Colliers Engineering & Design produced a conceptual design report as well as the preliminary and final design for the renovation of two 40-year-old buildings on the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Lab Campus in Upton, NY.

Brookhaven National Laboratories has undertaken a multiphase project to modernize their 5,320-acre site with over 4 million SF of building infrastructure. Colliers Engineering & Design programmed and planned renovations to two important facilities:

  • Building 510 and Building 555 as part of a second phase of renovations totaling 110,000 SF and $38 million.
  • Building 510 is a key facility for major activities in particle physics and theoretical nuclear physics.
  • Building 555 currently houses vital research for development of radiotracers and instrumentation for monitoring biological processes and for neuroimaging, condensed matter and material science, and chemical and molecular science.

The final design included upgrades and rehabilitation of existing dated chemistry and physics laboratory facilities into modern, efficient laboratory spaces compatible with today’s world-class scientific research. The scope of refurbishment included code related upgrades, new HVAC systems, electrical, lighting, plumbing, laboratory services, office support and work areas, updated architectural finishes and new laboratory casework. The renovated laboratories will be utilized by collaborative research teams from multiple science programs. They will utilize the modular laboratory equipment wherever possible to provide maximum lab flexibility increasing the potential for reuse.

As designed, the HVAC and electrical energy model developed for the project predicts a 54% savings in energy for the chemistry building and a 42% savings for the physics building versus a client 2003 baseline.

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