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Market: Local Government Region: New Jersey

Brielle Road Elevation

Manasquan Borough, Monmouth County , NJ

Due to local geography and proximity to the ocean, Manasquan is particularly susceptible to coastal flooding. Tidal flooding in the Borough is frequent and pervasive, and many vehicles are damaged annually as a result of being parked in, or attempting to drive through, the floodwaters. Our professionals provided design services and construction administration for the elevation of a 1/2 mile section of Brielle Road, which was previously too low to prevent significant flooding during high tide, therefore creating an impasse for local traffic and creating an overall hazard to public safety.

The project included roadway reconstruction, including the raising of the roadway with asphalt and dense graded aggregate, as well as driveway apron reconstruction and some concrete curb replacement. A tide control check valve was also installed to prevent nuisance flooding during minor storms. The newly elevated road will provide passage during coastal flooding events, directly impacting the local population and allowing emergency response vehicles to travel the route without driving in up to two feet of water in some areas.


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